Bewan ADSL PCI St Modem - Use of PPPoE

Updated : 12/19/2003

1 -
Download modem linux drivers  at (unicorn files)
2 -
ATM libraries installation
emerge net-dialup/linux-atm/linux-atm-2.4.1.ebuild
3 -
Compilation and installation of the drivers
tar xzf A904*.tar.gz
cd unicorn
make all_drivers
make install_drivers
4 -
Installation of ppp client (which includes the pppoe plugin)
emerge ppp
5 -
Loading options for unicorn_pci_eth module (example for french internet provider Tele2)
modprobe unicorn_pci_eth PROTOCOL=pppoe ActivationMode=4 VPI=8 VCI=35 ENCAPS=llc-encaps
6 -
Network interface activation
ifconfig dsl0 up
7 -
Loading of kernel module pppoe
modprobe pppoe
8 -
Lauching internet connection
Look at this example for the following file : /etc/ppp/options